Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random thoughts

wow, my blog is rusty :) been so busy lately with work, always at clients place. currently doing audit in shah alam, a listed company with 7 subsidiaries. takes a huge effort really. i'm always working late most of the time, reaches home at 11pm or 12pm or 2pm. being an external auditor is crazy. before hand, i'd only heard from friends that auditors in big firms work so late, and sometimes until dawn but now i'm facing the same experience. haha~ but i guess it's ok, i don't really mind anything any more. i just do my job without complaining, which is really good for me, so it seems. :P

yesterday was the 1st exam day for our ACCA progress test (for anyone who doesn't know what ACCA is, please click here). it wasn't that bad really. but the funny thing was, i didn't have time to study at all, but manage to answer all the 5 questions. i really thank Allah SWT for helping though, but also can give credit to my lecturer for giving such a good lecture, i answered today mainly based on her 'bebel' in all the 3 times classes. hopefully i will pass, that's all i need. i mean i don't want to sit again of course.

there's still a long way yet though. the final exam is in june. but i really enjoyed my day today. maybe because i managed to answer the exam questions this time, or maybe i felt relieved because i simply know in my heart that i will pass this paper in the coming june exam, and also all the papers to come (5 in total!!). i really believed that, if efforts, mind and soul are put into one, inshaAllah i will reach my goal of becoming a chartered accountants in 3 years time.

today i thought, "hm..time really flies". in 11 days i'll be turning 30! OMG!! haha~ nah, i don't feel anything in fact. just a normal day again. at work, people think i'm 23, and when they know my actual age, they would say, "no la, don't tipu la". and i would say "if u don't belief me, i take it as a compliment" and they would say, "u don't look ur age", and i would say, "i know" :) alhamdulillah. haha~

off to sleep.

till next time.



budakingus said...

Inche Hansuke,

Do write frequently. Miss your writings :)

hansuke said...


insyaAllah, if i have the time :)