Thursday, April 28, 2011

Allah yang mempersatukan hati orang beriman

"dan Yang mempersatukan hati mereka (orang-orang yang beriman). Walaupun kamu membelanjakan semua (kekayaan) yang berada di bumi, niscaya kamu tidak dapat mempersatukan hati mereka, akan tetapi Allah telah mempersatukan hati mereka. Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Gagah lagi Maha Bijaksana"

Surah Al-Anfal, 8:63


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we are too proud

we are too proud human beings. sometimes we forget that we don't have to be. it's a matter of choice who we really want to become. how we live our lives and how to treat other people. since working, i've accoutered many people. some are arrogant and some are too humble that just make me want to hug them and say, "don't worry, i'm not going to hurt you", and stare with all the love that you can give to them.

a few weeks ago, i was at the airport. i was working, and was on my way to audit a subsidiary company in Kemaman. i took the Kuantan flight and then took a taxi to Kemaman. so i was queuing at the counter to check-in at KLIA. it was my first time checking in on my own. my senior canceled last minute so i had to do everything myself. before this other people done it for me, but this time i was alone. yeah, of course i was scared. ha ha. anyway, i approached the counter and the customer service guy entertained me.

guy: "yes sir, may i help u". asking politely.
me: "saya nak check-in", without realizing my voice was out of tone.

he actually asked me again something but i can't really recall the exact words. then, i didn't know what to say and just showed him an sms stating the flight number my senior gave me. the guy looked pissed, i had no idea why.

the thing is, his action was so questionable, that tons of questions popped into my head. and i thought, "did i did something wrong?". "aren't i dressed properly?". then suddenly, the answer hit me. and thanks to the 'mat salleh' (European guy) who gave it all away.

i realized that, before me, there was an English man, and of course he was speaking English. and when it was my turn, just because i spoke in Malay, i was treated like dirt. i can assure you i'm not imagining things. he was rude. you can tell by his face and body language.

he was so rude he even made me felt like i had no money, like i was a beggar or something. but still i just stood my cool, and had said nothing back.

A week later, i audited the same company, but this time in labuan. i forgot to mentioned that this company is actually an Oil & Gas company. the company is like a warehouse or should i say more to a Plant like. this time i wasn't alone as i was accompanied by my senior and an accountant from HQ of the company we're auditing. anyway, the first day we arive at the Plant, there we met a 'makcik' (old lady) cleaner. she had a smile that can shine the whole world. we were about to enter the meeting room while she was swiping the floor.

makcik: "maaf ya, makcik cuci dulu". smiling so kindly.
us: "takpe makcik, silakan".

we actually met that makcik for a couple of time because we stayed there for a few days.

later that night, i thought of the guy at the airport because of this makcik. i mean, how can we be so arrogance and full of ourselves just because we work in a prestige place? as that makcik i met, was so humble and nice, and had a smile for everyone, and not acted like some of us who is rich. i fell sorry for the arrogance people who forgets about their Creator (Allah). He is a giver to all living things, a Merciful towards His creation. but we became so denial, and forget who we are and where we are from. we neglect our duty as Muslims because of the richness we share and because of the comfort we bear. we clench so hard to this world that we forgot about the hereafter. we should feel ashamed of ourselves.

Islam, is a wonderful religion. It teaches us how to behave in any situation, how to live our lives and how to balance the 'dunia' and the hereafter. why not clench to God (Allah) once in a while or maybe at all times, instead of cleching to this world which has an end? and that is for me and you to think about.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


“One will not enter Paradise, if one has an atom’s weight of arrogance in his/her heart.” a man then asked, “One may love his clothes to look good and his shoes to look good?!” The prophet replied, “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty, arrogance is: rejecting the truth and looking down on people.”

one's arrogance has got nothing to do with the past or what we've been through in life, there's no such thing. arrogance is a state of heart that is discreetly conquered by Satan himself. only that we failed to realized this.

the story goes way back to the story of Adam a.s when Allah had commanded the Angels including Satan to bow down to Adam. Every Angels bowed down as commanded but Satan arrogantly disagreed with Allah and looked down towards Adam claiming that Adam was made by Mud unlike him which was made by fire that he would not bow down at a lowly creature. And Allah had said "I know what you don't know" but after Allah's words Satan arrogance cannot be mended and as a result Satan was thrown to the hell fire because of it.

then, without realizing we too are following the Satan's characteristics by being so proud and arrogant. yes, without realizing we too are in the state of heading to Hell fire because we posses the inner arrogance in ourselves. astagfirullah.

let's us be humble only for Allah's sake.