Saturday, March 28, 2009


it's been almost 2 years since i left work. studying full-time is now just memories i left behind. being around all those students who are not yet fully understand 'the-real-world' was frustrating as was assumed. but not all of them are floating on air as there are students who are highly matured and well prepared towards life. i guess i wasn't fit to stay at school for so long. haha..i never liked school. even on campus i used to hate it. i just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. now that i'm finally off to work for good. i kind of felt frustrated and relief at the same time. (mix emosions kindda)

everyday i'm off for work at 7.30am on my motor bike. the trafic is madness, everybody's seems like they're on a race or something. especially people on motor bikes. nobody's really bother to look around, just so focused ahead to reach their destination. (they are almost like mad dogs chasing for food). twist and turning through a tinny space between the cars and trucks. i guess everyone is running late for work. no time to think, no time to wait. even for their own safety.

time just flew by so quickly once you're in the office. the 1st time you look at your watch it's already lunch hour, and later on without noticing it's time to go home already. it's only been my second week but i have tons of work to do. that's audit life, like it or not you just have to bear it. my collegues work their ass off. no time to stop. i almost feel sorry for them but that's like saying to my self thou haha..

work is tough especially if you're in the professional field. they say that professionals have no life, well only for a few years i suppose. it's a long wait but hopefully it's going to be worth while. happy working everyone..=)

Monday, March 9, 2009


i woke up this morning thinking about this one girl i met on campus. she's a good friend of mine and still is. she hated me at first and she had her reasons for it. it was a silly one to be honest but i won't mention it here thou..=)

there was definitely something going on between us but none of us did actually said anything (i tot so anyway). we used to talk at the library for hours, exchanging our thoughts. one day we went to the beach. it was her last day on campus as she was moving school (UiTM). while at the beach we talked until she popped this one question that now i find quite hilarious. she said "who am i to u?" at that moment without hesitation i said "i am a friend of course" she then changed the subject and that was it. i went home thinking. was there some kind of message behind that question. some kind of clue. so i told my friends what had happened, they all said i was stupid!! damn. maybe i was. or maybe i was not. who knows. ha ha!

well, we all have our mistakes in life or maybe it's not really a mistake to begin with. we always say "what if i did or said differently" and "what if this" and "what if that" and it goes on and on until you can really accept that all this things happening to you is already written on paper by the creator Him-self. no one can change that fact. the best thing we can do is to move on and hope for a better day tomorrow.

by the way that girl got married a couple of years ago and i didn't really feel anything. i was happy for her as a friend of course. it wasn't meant to be between us. many don't agree and one can debate about it but that's what i call fate.