Sunday, August 18, 2013

bullet train

time passed by like a bullet train, seems like yesterday i was living in scotland, going to school, playing football at the park until 10pm (in UK, around summer, 10pm is still not dark :P). but its been 16 years since i've moved back to malaysia and living a busy life, studying and working.

life has been a roller coaster for me. never had been enough to fulfil my hollowed heart. always chasing wealth, chasing this and that and the list goes on.

i've been living in-denial, forgetting the most precious thing that i wanted most, which is redha Allah. all this while i've been putting a side my interest and forgotten the things i liked most.

no more, my heart say. put a stop to it. you will still find happiness as long you have Him by your side. hopefully He will guide me still tomorrow, for i shall not regret for any decision i take in the future. inshaAllah.