Wednesday, June 24, 2009

pergi tak kembali

aku sangat merinduimu hari ini
aku menangis di dalam hati
sakit dadaku menahan tangisan
tak dapat juga ku menahan
air mataku keluar jua
tak dapat ku bendung lagi
basah pipiku basah sejadahku ini

pemergianmu tak siapa yang duga
bagaikan drama di tv
ketika ibu mengatakan
ayah sudah pergi
aku sungguh bingung sekali
tak terkata apa, membisu sepi
ku kucup dahimu dengan redha
merelakan kau pergi

yasin ku bacakan untukmu
air mataku keluar dengan sendiri
ayat-ayat Allah sungguh suci
aku tunduk kepada kebesaran illahi

kau terbaring diatas tilam
senyuman manis terukir dibibirmu
mukamu merah bagaikan bernyawa
aku sungguh tak percaya
aku menanti dengan penuh harapan
akan kau bangun dari tidurmu itu

aku mencuci dan membelai rambutmu
mongosok dadamu mengelap belakangmu
selembut sentuhan seperti aku ketika bayi
dimandikan olehmu dengan penuh kasih sayang

semua orang datang menjengukmu
tidakku kenal semuanya
mereka bertakbir melihat jasadmu
mereka mencium pipi dan dahimu
mereka memuji kebesahan illahi

langit menangis membasahi bumi
ketika engkau ditanamkan
sungguh suci pemberian illahi
menyambut kedatanganmu dengan hujan

pergimu adalah hari jumaat
semoga ditempatkan bersama wali keramat
semoga bertemu kasih yang satu
yang selalu kau sebut-sebutkan dulu

tanggal 19.06.09,
perginya seorang ayah
perginya seorang guru


Sunday, June 14, 2009

what's happening to the muslims?

everyday life is always tough for us muslims. we try our best not to sin in every way. fight the whispering of satan in our ears during solah. divert the temptations around us. and always try to become a better person each day in Allah's way of life. but for some muslims, living a life the islamic way is just too bothersome. you see muslims get drunk once in a while, muslims sisters smoke cigarettes, become prostitutes, going to pubs or night clubs with clothes that is way out the questions (not islamic), girls and boys are too freely going out with no bounderies touching each other (not related in blood) and for the worse yet to be unknown. do you think these people perform the solah? as solah feed peace to our soul, i don't think the ummah will have these problems.

in europe, an article wrote that theres a community of gays muslims has been formed and now has spread to america. people around the world is invited to join them whether they are bisexual, homos, questioning, inquiries etc, and freely share about being muslims and their passion towards own gender. one guy admitted (an article wrote) that he is a loyal muslim, he prays 5 times a day and commits towards islam in every way, prays so hard not to become gay and just can't erase the feelings he feels inside.

it's hard to believe it because islam teaches us the beuty of our partners which are man and woman (adam and eve) not man and man or woman and woman. even the prophet muhammad s.a.w the messenger of Allah swt chose a woman as his partner as guidance for his ummah. besides that Allah swt Himself cursed and punished the people of prophet Lut (as) for commiting lewdness as they practise their lusts on men in preference to women. why does we muslims think it's any different now compared to back then? the verse in the Quran goes:

"The people of Lut rejected (his) warning. We sent against them a violent Tornado with showers of stones, (which destroyed them), except Lut's household: them We delivered by early Dawn,- As a Grace from Us: thus do We reward those who give thanks. And (Lut) did warn them of Our Punishment, but they disputed about the Warning". (Surat al-Qamar: 33-36)

the people of Lut (as) ignored his warnings and paid the price. we ourselves know the story very well from the Quran. as Allah had mentioned many times in His chapters for He prohibits and cursed to whom commits such lewdness. do these groups of people want Allah's punishment before wanting to come back in the path of islam? do we really think that there is tomorrow for us to see before performing taubah? on the day of judgement, people with iman will smile and the sinners will be crying out aloud begging for forgiveness for their wrong doings while on earth.

think again my brothers and sisters in islam before it's too late. come back and become a true muslims. pray 5 times a day with all our heart. whether that you have gay or lesbian or whatever feelings inside you that is against Allah swt, in the end it is just a test from Him to see how islam you are deep inside. all of these Allah had already said in the Quran that satan is always whispering to blacken our heart. so block the satan temptations as he always wants the human race to be lost in finding the way of Allah. seek Allah swt. seek the truth. He the Almighty will guide you in your findings of true happiness. (insha Allah)

*just a reminder for the brothers and sisters including myself.

good old days

oh, those days were sweet. everyone had changed for the last time i heard. some of them got married. most of them studied in university and some of them travel the world at some point. it's so astonished to see my friends development the way they did. i'm glad to know that they have something to do in life.

back then, we were so close with each other. always hanging out and doing silly stuff, breaking an entrance and getting chased by the landlord, playing football after school at banky park until it was dark, kicking water bottle on the school grounds, cheering for friends in fights. those were the happy days that i cannot erase. but now the distance between us all are way too apart. their life is now totally different than mine. way different. everyone has grown up and live a different life all together. i used to want to go back there and become part of them once again but those thoughts are no more. there's no way we will be as close as before as i live in the Islamic way of life. they didn't understand Islam when they were kids and i believe they wouldn't understand now either. now, partying and getting laid or getting wasted are normal activities for them on the weekends. for me those activities are forbidden for it is against my religion. but if i had the chance i would be glad to explain about Islam to them as most non-muslims don't understand the way we live our lives.

i surely don't belong there anymore but i do miss them i really do, but things changed and people change from time to time. i don't feel sad but i hope for the best for my friends back in scotland. i wish them well and i hope to meet them again one day, every each one of them. insha Allah.