Saturday, September 27, 2014

Seeking Strength

No matter how hard it is I must bear. 
Deep in my heart says we are two. 
Part of me says it could end both ways. 
Even though I don't want to say it, but it could be true.

High power that I seek for strength and patient. When will it end?
That, I cannot answer. 
Shall I wait silently and flood a river tear? I try, but I cannot, not anymore.

Could we be? Or could we be not. 
I leave it to You, my love, my guide, my breath, my everything. 
I have no power over Your doing. 
I seek Your forgiveness and I seek Your lead.

-hansuke roma


Amar San said...


Hansuke.. ni ko tulis sendiri ke ko copy paste? Mcm copy paste jer.. hehe

hansuke said...


Amar San
Haha. aku anggap comment ko sebagai compliment je la ye :P

aku dah letak signature aku kat bawah tu, so means aku punya.

hati tengah kembali mar, mencurah2 ilham, alhamdulillah.