Sunday, August 18, 2013

bullet train

time passed by like a bullet train, seems like yesterday i was living in scotland, going to school, playing football at the park until 10pm (in UK, around summer, 10pm is still not dark :P). but its been 16 years since i've moved back to malaysia and living a busy life, studying and working.

life has been a roller coaster for me. never had been enough to fulfil my hollowed heart. always chasing wealth, chasing this and that and the list goes on.

i've been living in-denial, forgetting the most precious thing that i wanted most, which is redha Allah. all this while i've been putting a side my interest and forgotten the things i liked most.

no more, my heart say. put a stop to it. you will still find happiness as long you have Him by your side. hopefully He will guide me still tomorrow, for i shall not regret for any decision i take in the future. inshaAllah.


hazlina azmi said...

Hai..blogwalking.bestlah blog awk..penuh warna warni kehidupan..jemputla ke blog saya dan kita bertukar-tukar link pulak..:)

I'm not Haruko said...


hansuke said...

Hazlina azmi: sorry lmbat reply, dh lama xbukak blog uhu. Neway, thanks sudi baca my blog :)

I'm not haruko: weii makcik..sori lama xreply wassap ko..busy skit skng..nanti kita sembang ye :)

nabilah ismail said...

hai...ade email x?nmpk cam cik minalqalbi ni tau pasal forensic account..leyh ar mntak pendapat..xtau master ape yg ptt di pilih..blurrrr
xpon just msj sy kat fb..fb
plus sy xde blog

nabilah ismail said...

hai...nmpk minalqalbi ade comment dlm blog cpe tah pasl forensic account..nak tny lebih2 agy leyh x...coz conpius nak ambek master ape..if xkeberatan msj kat fb leyh